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Safi Johnson
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Nothing special can be said about Safi. She lived what was led to believe as the definition to a typical teenage girl's life; perhaps even more fortunate than most. Her childhood was uneventful as events go. She was raised in a Los Angeles suburb by both her mother and father and had no siblings. A two story house, green lawn, pool in the back yard, a dog and two cats. The only thing missing from this photo life was a white picket fence. Her early teenage years were as stereotypical as any, talking with girlfriends about seeing Matt Benning with his shirt off, the occasional house party.. average middle school life. Then, one fateful day, everything she grew to know as her reality had changed in one blink of an eye.

She found herself walking home alone from the last party she was ever to boast company having stayed out past the curfew her parents had gave for her. The peaceful stride leading back to her front porch had been peaceful right up to the point a man leapt from the darkness between houses and made to attack her. She hadn't been aware of it, at first, for when the man moved to embrace the girl in his arms for the fatal strike known of all vampires she tripped on her own foot and fell to the ground. When she rolled over to recover herself she screamed at the twisted face of the kindred looming over her. The vampire leaned to take another strike and, without warning, exploded into dust that fell over her. Standing in its place was a man whom came to be known as Kenneth Brown -- the watcher who informed her of the future that may lie in wait.

From that day forward life was alien. She found herself training nights and many days to fight something she hadn't believed in up until the attack. Having been labelled a 'potential' left her doubtful of the possibility of even becoming one of these so legendary 'slayers' Kenneth spoke of frequently.

Kenneth found this girl to be the epitome of clumsiness. The grace which she so readily anticipated seemed to be always promising.. and then she'd botch it by doing something so adept to her nature such as swatting herself in the back of the head while trying to learn how to use a staff weapon. It seemed the girl's unwritten future had at least a futile ending at best.

But that is what time can only tell.

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Connor and Safi is unexpected soon-to-be-angsty love.

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