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20 January 2005 @ 12:21 am
now_ish Me? A lady?  
Watcher knows best, I guess. I couldn't help but look at him a little awkward though, still wondering how being a lady will help me become a better fighter. Sure, I can impress the boys, but I'm pretty positive that it won't do much when I'm head to head with a vampire or one of those Bringers. The last thing I'll be thinking about is looks or manners when a knife comes swinging my way.. but, maybe, in the end after all this mess I'll understand.

I have to wear a dress though.. ugh.

A sigh escaped from in between my lips when Mr. Giles settled the book ever so lightly on my head, causing my hand to reach up and keep the book balanced on top of my cranium. "Now. Go change. And don't drop the book." he told me and I looked at him in disbelief. He had one of those 'haha' grins and I just knew he was taking some humor out of this.

"Sure, sure," I smirked and turned myself around toward the lobby, going my merry way. Great, while all the other girls were learning how to swing axes and shoot arrows, I was going to be stuck here learning how to cross my legs properly. God, I hope no one see's this.. can we say embarassing?

I began heading up the stairs to the bedroom when his words were repeated inside my head. Balance, poise, timing, direction, awareness, and common sense. Hmm. Last part I have -- sorta -- but what is exactly poise? That's something I was going to have to ask him. Shouldn't be too hard, I thought to myself when I reached out for the knob, my other hand continuing to keep the book balanced on the upper part. I can get this stuff out of way easily and then we can get to the good stuff.

The door opened and I turned on the light in my room, kicking my leg back to the shut door. I had quite an interesting task before me.. a little challenging to be honest. I was to put on this dress without dropping the book. Um.. how exactly will I get this dress over my head with that big bulge in the way?

After taking my clothes off I picked the book back up and settled it on my head again. Both hands were relaxed on my side with the dress in one. It took a minute before the book stopped doing the wobble-wobble, but after halting myself from any movement all was good. Now here comes the hard part. I lifted the dress up only to discover it had a zipper -- now that makes this job ten times easier!

"Okay," I said, breathing in. "I can do this."

Slowly and carefully I used my hands to handle and bring the zipper down, placing both my feet one by one into the center. I was bent down now, hands at ready to bring the dress up my body and head straight up to keep the book in its proper place but once I started moving that's when everything went down the drain. The book slanted to one side and so did I and then it slanted to the other side and there I went to follow. I tried again to move the dress up and suddenly the book decided it'd be fun to take a ride down my back.

"No!" I screamed, bending myself back slightly so that I could catch it in one hand and my foot, still in the dress, moved up with my sudden movements forcing my other leg to be brought up with it. Before I knew I was I tumbling backwards straight on my back, my head being cushioned from the fall with the book laying on the floor. "DAMNIT!"

A moan of fustration and irritation was released, my fists pounding once on both sides of my body followed by a soft whimper. Okay.. note to self to really work on that balance. "I suck."

My eyes snapped toward the door when I heard a knock on it. OF ALL THE TIMING -- "Just a minute!" I called out, standing myself up quickly and rushing to get the dress on. I opened the door, seeing the one person I last expected to be standing there on the outside.
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