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27 October 2004 @ 12:36 am
prodigals Into the west.  
It was hard. Hard to keep my mind focused on one subject at a time. I tried to not care much so I offered no words as I pulled into the parking lot, pushing upon the brakes that caused the car to make an abrupt halt within a space. There wasn't much cars around so they were all pretty safe from my poor driving skills -- of course.. what do you expect so late in the night? "Hope you know what you want," I chuckled as I flew the door open, unstrapping myself and stepping out. It felt nice.. not too hot and not too chilly. Just the way I liked it. "Because I'm not gonna wait on your slow ass to decide. I'm hungry."

I had to offer him a friendly smile to let him know I was SOMEWHAT joking -- keyword: somewhat -- before I was off to the restaraunt's entrance. A waitress with blonde hair and pretty green eyes greeted us, asking where we'd like to be seated. "Non-smoking please," I immediatly answered, my eyes travelling over to William's glare briefly to only elbow him secretly upon his lowered arm. We were escorted and I sat myself into the nicely cushioned seats, taking the menu that was offered to me.

My eyes watched as the waitress with the nametag Rose left, looking back to Willy the Scorching Blonde who was STILL glaring at me. I smirked.

"Oh please," I grunted, opening the menu to drop my eyes upon the pretty pictures so I didn't have to look at his grouchy face. ".. cigarette smoke makes me feel sick. I think you can survive an hour."

Right, whatever, how grumpy I've seen THIS guy it'll be five minutes until he'll go off on a whining spree again. For now though? I was hungry. And damn it, I was going to order something! But what though? Decisions.. decisions.

Do I feel all breakfast girl? Lunchy? "Dinnery?" I worded out loud thoughtfully as I spoke my mind when my eyes travelled upon all the meals listed. Try to stay low, Safi, you want your money to last you at LEAST a couple more weeks.

I sighed out in fustration, looking across to my companion as if he had the answer. "What're YOU getting?"
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