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12 October 2004 @ 01:29 pm
prodigals Here I go again on my own..  

"Are you sure about this? Because honestly, Safi, I don't think.." said the dark skinned man. At that moment is when my eyes snapped to my Watcher, Mr. Brown, and my grip upon the bag I was packing tightened. I interuppted him rather quickly, my eyes narrowing slightly. "Yes, I'm positive. Have a little faith in me will you?" At this point I was beyond irritated and I didn't mean to take it out on the poor guy -- but I mean, really, it was my time to go.

Mr. Brown has been with me in the very beginning when I first found out I was a Potential. He took me from my parents and began my training immediatly inside his summer home. It took quite a bit of work to gain the skills I needed to be considered someone who "could hold her own".. more work than the normal person. See, I'm clumsy beyond belief. Not something I intentionally do, it was just a problem I was born with. Anyway, I owe this man everything.. I've learned styles, one of my favorites being Drunken Master, and I created my own. Pretty spiffy, yeah?

The real kicker has been this passing month. There was something going on in Sunnydale, my Watcher told me, something big. And that is why we hid. Don't know what happened there, but the next thing I knew I was granted these rarr powers and I became a full blown Slayer. Should've seen Mr. Brown's face when he figured it out, I've never seen a black man turn white so quick in my life. He so beat Michael Jackson by the dozen!

And that is why I'm here, right now, doing what I'm doing. Mr. Brown doesn't think I'll make it, he doesn't think I'm ready. But how can I know without going out there myself? I haven't slain a vampire in... jeez, MONTHS. He's been terrified ever since he heard of the destruction of the Watcher's Council and Potentials being picked off one by one.. so when I suggested him to come with, he refused. That's fine. I'm not scared to do this on my own.. he can't keep me here by force anymore either. I'm 19 -- hello! Legal adult! This is probably for the best anyway.

So I packed away the last of my belongings and threw my bag over my shoulder -- it's the coolest thing that I can pick up heavy things so easily now -- and then I gave a kiss on his cheek in farewell. He was more of a father to me than my own father.. I just wish he had more faith in my skills; in me. "I'll be fine," I reassured him when I saw the fear and worry whispering within his eyes and with one last smile, I was out the door. I'll write to him.. just so he doesn't spend everyday wondering if I'm dead. Besides, like I said before, he was my other father.. the guy deserves that much.

I was going to make him proud. Make him proud he had me as a companion, had me as his Slayer.

The mist hung heavy outside. The way the cold, moist air clings to the ground after it'd been poured down by a rain. Everything glistened all around me, the sign that I'd been lucky enough to just miss a storm. I just had to splash in a nearby puddle. Lemme alone, I'm a kid at heart. The fog, though, hung so thick that it took me several minutes to finally figure out where the hell I was going. The street lamps offered little comfort. Their light tried to slice through the gray blanket but to no avail. Kinda made it look like they were just hovering there. On top of all this already eerie atmosphere there was very little sound. Floating droplets muffled any vibration that threatened to come my way. Except that of a car approaching behind me.

I turned around to view the headlamps of the vehicle that looked like a pretty souped-up Volvo. Though I squinted my eyes I couldn't see the operator, rather just a bare shadow. It came to a stop in front of me, though, and the automatic window hummed as it was rolled down.

"Kinda late to be out here all alone, isn't it?" Came a man's voice from within. I ducked down to look into the car. He was pretty decent looking except that he was, well, OLD. Like.. late 30's old. Great. That's all I needed tonight. Some whacked-out perv picking me up.

"Nah, I'm alright," I said with a forced chuckle in my voice, clutching the strap of my backpack a bit tighter.

"C'mon, hop in," he invited. I raised a brow. To this he turned his head and smirked at me as though I was being quite ridiculous. "Geez. I'm offering you a ride, not asking you on a date. Don't worry. I won't bite. Promise."

Haha, very funny. If only he knew how saying that got me more suspicious. I shrugged though. What the hell. I was heading to the bus station but if this get's me a free ride.. I'll save some cash on what I felt was gonna be a long trip. "Fine." I replied with a carefree smile, taking a hold upon the handle and swinging the door open so that I could hop right inside. OH! Almost tripped there.. but I caught myself just in time. "Um. Thanks.. for this."

"It's no problem." He said, giving me that 'I'm the boy next door' innocent smile once the door was closed. I strapped myself in and we were on our way. We must've driven a couple of miles while exchanging words here and there -- but other than idle chatter it was quiet. Suddenly though, the car came to an abrupt halt.

My eyes peered over at him warily. It was weird because suddenly there was this shadow being cast over his face. "What's wrong?" I asked, the instincts inside me suddenly going wild like two cats tearing eachother up. Couldn't help it.. but I felt nervous. It made me push my hand toward my bag in which I gripped tightly onto the wooden stake that was hidden within the pocket. My little comfort blanket.

A chuckle came from the stranger in the dark shadows of his car, a chuckle that literally screams 'hey! I'm evil!'. I narrowed my brows when I watched him lean forward carefully, only to be met with a deformed face and glowing yellow eyes reflected with my dark browns. "Oh, nothing at all, honey." he hissed, his tongue lingering over his fangs that made my heart pump rapidly..

Holy shit. A vampire. What are the odds? I mean really?!


I tried to offer the most confident grin I could muster but I'm sure he could smell the fear come off me like rank perfume. Suddenly, like lightning, he leaned forward to take a nice bite out of my neck but my hand immediatly jot forward with the stake held within. My eyes snapped tightly shut and I winced my face away from him, feeling that moment the sharp point of the stake pressing against his chest and into the heart it went!

Next thing I knew after getting a disbelief look outta him I was alone, covered in dust. EW. VAMPDUST. Not.. dust.. like.. DEAD dust! I screamed and whimpered to wipe the crap off me and shuddered when I held the stake close to me. I'll never get used to this job..

At least one thing came of it. From the passenger side I slipped onto the driver's seat and ignited the engine again. It purred back to life and I was on the road again..

To where? I don't know. But I was driving!
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