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10 August 2004 @ 12:53 pm
Even though the party was interuppted I had a total blast! Everyone there is so sweet.. I had no idea how many nice girls we had. Quite honestly, I thought they were all sucked up into their worlds like I was.. but they all seem so down to earth. Well -- a little. Some of them attacked that Wesley dude like a bunch of rabid dogs in heat. I guess whatever floats your boat? Don't know.. he's too scruffy for my taste. Not to mention old.

I even scored a piece of gum though! Mwah! I win.

Luckily I was able to nab that pink frilly towel so I could make my way to my room without showing my dorky underwear in all it's glory. It was nice to get finally dry off and get into my pajamas.. didn't bother much with the hair though -- that's what CLAWS are made for!

I smacked on the gummy sweetness in my mouth as I got my bed all nice and ready for some more sleeping goodness when oddly my mind rushed back to that boy. Argh. I was wondering what happened to him.. haven't seen his face since well, the kitchen. I wondered if things worked well for him? More than likely did.. but.. it doesn't hurt to check.

All these wandering thoughts made me cling into my bear. I still feel so bad.. maybe I should go apologize also.

With a deep breath I poked my head out in the hallway with Waffles still at hand, checking up to see if anyone was wandering about which was a negative. Huh.. on my way to Lisette's room I remembered seeing Cordelia at the corner of my eye going into a room. I wonder.. could that be it?

Wow, do I sound like a stalker. Cool!

I tip-toed my way where supposely I thought I saw Cordelia.. hehe, this feels like something I'm not supposed to be doing. Made me a little giggly in a way. If Cordelia answers I could easily say I got the wrong door.. or something.. since every door looks the same around here.

Pressing my head against the door I lightly knocked, whispering out.. "Hey? Hello? Anyone in there?"
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