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Safi Johnson
Remind me to never blink again. The crowd scattered away from one another as they went back to their lives and in some cases, trying to figure out what to do with this troubling spell that mysteriously came over us. If this is the bad guys' doing couldn't they have come up with something a little more.. creative? Truth spell.. doesn't sound that harmful but I guess with people like this particular group it could be pretty damn disasterous. Luckily for me I really couldn't think of anything that I was trying to hide from someone.. of course, that could change when the talking begins to start. Okay. That's good enough reason for me. Safi's mouth is out of business until word spreads that the spell is done.

Or so I think.

Automatically when I saw Carly I wanted to approach her and thank her again for what she's done for me.. we really never exchanged anything but passing glances ever since she healed me. Of course, with Giles' sudden appearance, my feet went treking back into the shadows and away from his sight as he went passing through. Yes, bad.. bad Safi. But I'd HATE to hear the things he'd say to me while we're training with this spell up in the air. Oh God, I could imagine. I would go 'hey, how am I doing?' and he'd say something along these lines 'absolutely terrible' with that stuck-up British accent of his. Oh yeah, talk about a motivation killer.

Maybe I should take advantage of this.. give some perks to this situation. Maybe I should hunt Connor down and get the real answers out of him. It'll be blunt, truthful, and would probably save loads and loads of tylenol from my brain. The whole thing? It's just very dumb. I'm turning eighteen soon and I'm spinning around like some thirteen year old with a crush and after all this time, I still don't know what's going on. I'm tired of the games.. it's just so hard not to lose myself when I'm around him. It's really pitiful and I want to kick myself sometimes for it. It's confusing times like these I really wish Mom was around but noooo, her and Dad decided it'd be great just to abandon all contact with me and leave Los Angeles. First my Watcher and then them.

Man, do I feel the love around here. They all had wonderful faith in me. It didn't stop me from missing them.. especially while I cooped myself up in that room. There's so many people around here but sometimes, especially now with all the appearing new faces, I feel so alone. Disconnected because everything is running ahead too quickly and I can't keep up..

UGH. Now I'm sounding whiney. Why can't I just keep my mind one subject?! Like.. the truth spell problem?

I watched as my Watcher's attention were directed to Buffy when she came walking up, assuring me a haven for a little while. As soon as I deemed it safe to step back out to the public Carly was already talking to someone who was helping her with the party clean-up. Damn. Maybe another time? It's probably some sign sent down to me from somewhere saying I really shouldn't talk to anyone. Probably best. Little did I know they were going to send to me the most talkative person out of this entire hotel..
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Safi Johnson
20 January 2005 @ 12:21 am
Watcher knows best, I guess. I couldn't help but look at him a little awkward though, still wondering how being a lady will help me become a better fighter. Sure, I can impress the boys, but I'm pretty positive that it won't do much when I'm head to head with a vampire or one of those Bringers. The last thing I'll be thinking about is looks or manners when a knife comes swinging my way.. but, maybe, in the end after all this mess I'll understand.

I have to wear a dress though.. ugh.

A sigh escaped from in between my lips when Mr. Giles settled the book ever so lightly on my head, causing my hand to reach up and keep the book balanced on top of my cranium. "Now. Go change. And don't drop the book." he told me and I looked at him in disbelief. He had one of those 'haha' grins and I just knew he was taking some humor out of this.

"Sure, sure," I smirked and turned myself around toward the lobby, going my merry way. Great, while all the other girls were learning how to swing axes and shoot arrows, I was going to be stuck here learning how to cross my legs properly. God, I hope no one see's this.. can we say embarassing?

I began heading up the stairs to the bedroom when his words were repeated inside my head. Balance, poise, timing, direction, awareness, and common sense. Hmm. Last part I have -- sorta -- but what is exactly poise? That's something I was going to have to ask him. Shouldn't be too hard, I thought to myself when I reached out for the knob, my other hand continuing to keep the book balanced on the upper part. I can get this stuff out of way easily and then we can get to the good stuff.

The door opened and I turned on the light in my room, kicking my leg back to the shut door. I had quite an interesting task before me.. a little challenging to be honest. I was to put on this dress without dropping the book. Um.. how exactly will I get this dress over my head with that big bulge in the way?

After taking my clothes off I picked the book back up and settled it on my head again. Both hands were relaxed on my side with the dress in one. It took a minute before the book stopped doing the wobble-wobble, but after halting myself from any movement all was good. Now here comes the hard part. I lifted the dress up only to discover it had a zipper -- now that makes this job ten times easier!

"Okay," I said, breathing in. "I can do this."

Slowly and carefully I used my hands to handle and bring the zipper down, placing both my feet one by one into the center. I was bent down now, hands at ready to bring the dress up my body and head straight up to keep the book in its proper place but once I started moving that's when everything went down the drain. The book slanted to one side and so did I and then it slanted to the other side and there I went to follow. I tried again to move the dress up and suddenly the book decided it'd be fun to take a ride down my back.

"No!" I screamed, bending myself back slightly so that I could catch it in one hand and my foot, still in the dress, moved up with my sudden movements forcing my other leg to be brought up with it. Before I knew I was I tumbling backwards straight on my back, my head being cushioned from the fall with the book laying on the floor. "DAMNIT!"

A moan of fustration and irritation was released, my fists pounding once on both sides of my body followed by a soft whimper. Okay.. note to self to really work on that balance. "I suck."

My eyes snapped toward the door when I heard a knock on it. OF ALL THE TIMING -- "Just a minute!" I called out, standing myself up quickly and rushing to get the dress on. I opened the door, seeing the one person I last expected to be standing there on the outside.
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Safi Johnson
After the meeting I was heading where the ballroom was but something tugged at me to turn around and return to my room. Probably was best for now; I don't even remember how long it's been since I had a breather. Reaching my hand out I gripped the knob and turned it open, my eyes greeted by the darkness that remained trapped inside. It's a good thing I left my stuff here, I thought when I entered, seeing how everything was scattered. A reminder of the most stupidest decision I have ever made.

Thanks to that new girl Carly, though, I'm feeling so much better. Physically, anyway. I can't really place myself where I'm at emotionally. You think normally a person would freak out seeing someone use healing powers on a whim like you see on X-Men, but all this supernatural crap has become the normal thing since I've been here. I don't expect anything anymore. Every time I do.. heh. Let's just say the last of my expectations led me right into the dirty hands of Angelus and Faith.

I didn't bother to turn on the light. Instead I just walked over to the bed and just.. crashed. This bed never felt so good. Try my hardest, I couldn't stop thinking about how I betrayed Connor by just leaving him and all my friends here. I couldn't stop thinking of all the people who got hurt because of my foolish decision. When it's quiet my mind tends to wander way too much for my own good. The curse of being a Gemini, I guess. Looking over at my radio I pulled out the CD that rest nearest to me, popped it in the CD player and placed it on shuffle.

Huh. Sprit: Stallion of the Cimarron.. I forgot I even owned this soundtrack.

Sound the bugle now.Collapse )

"Okay Bryan Adams, I get it," I muttered with a smirk toward the radio and turned it off. Whoever knew that a song about a horse can help snap a girl back to her senses? With my constant building of fustration I took the pillow off the bed and slapped some duct-tape from my supplies in the back. Holding it between my teeth, I grabbed hold of the bright colored comforter on the bed and gave it a healthy yank, pulling all the stuffed animals onto the floor. My pillows were sandwiched together and I pulled strip after strip of the duct tape from the roll, binding the two fluffy pads together, fashioning a makeshift punching bag. Satisfied, I replaced my loosely fitted shirt with a black sports bra, tying my hair back in a ponytail while returning to my prepared target.

No one chooses for me to die except me. I pulled my hand back in ready to start practicing my punches..

It's time to grow up.

(( Open to Giles. ))
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Safi Johnson
27 October 2004 @ 12:36 am
It was hard. Hard to keep my mind focused on one subject at a time. I tried to not care much so I offered no words as I pulled into the parking lot, pushing upon the brakes that caused the car to make an abrupt halt within a space. There wasn't much cars around so they were all pretty safe from my poor driving skills -- of course.. what do you expect so late in the night? "Hope you know what you want," I chuckled as I flew the door open, unstrapping myself and stepping out. It felt nice.. not too hot and not too chilly. Just the way I liked it. "Because I'm not gonna wait on your slow ass to decide. I'm hungry."

I had to offer him a friendly smile to let him know I was SOMEWHAT joking -- keyword: somewhat -- before I was off to the restaraunt's entrance. A waitress with blonde hair and pretty green eyes greeted us, asking where we'd like to be seated. "Non-smoking please," I immediatly answered, my eyes travelling over to William's glare briefly to only elbow him secretly upon his lowered arm. We were escorted and I sat myself into the nicely cushioned seats, taking the menu that was offered to me.

My eyes watched as the waitress with the nametag Rose left, looking back to Willy the Scorching Blonde who was STILL glaring at me. I smirked.

"Oh please," I grunted, opening the menu to drop my eyes upon the pretty pictures so I didn't have to look at his grouchy face. ".. cigarette smoke makes me feel sick. I think you can survive an hour."

Right, whatever, how grumpy I've seen THIS guy it'll be five minutes until he'll go off on a whining spree again. For now though? I was hungry. And damn it, I was going to order something! But what though? Decisions.. decisions.

Do I feel all breakfast girl? Lunchy? "Dinnery?" I worded out loud thoughtfully as I spoke my mind when my eyes travelled upon all the meals listed. Try to stay low, Safi, you want your money to last you at LEAST a couple more weeks.

I sighed out in fustration, looking across to my companion as if he had the answer. "What're YOU getting?"
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Safi Johnson
12 October 2004 @ 01:29 pm
Hello, I love you, goodbye.Collapse )

The mist hung heavy outside. The way the cold, moist air clings to the ground after it'd been poured down by a rain. Everything glistened all around me, the sign that I'd been lucky enough to just miss a storm. I just had to splash in a nearby puddle. Lemme alone, I'm a kid at heart. The fog, though, hung so thick that it took me several minutes to finally figure out where the hell I was going. The street lamps offered little comfort. Their light tried to slice through the gray blanket but to no avail. Kinda made it look like they were just hovering there. On top of all this already eerie atmosphere there was very little sound. Floating droplets muffled any vibration that threatened to come my way. Except that of a car approaching behind me.

I turned around to view the headlamps of the vehicle that looked like a pretty souped-up Volvo. Though I squinted my eyes I couldn't see the operator, rather just a bare shadow. It came to a stop in front of me, though, and the automatic window hummed as it was rolled down.

"Kinda late to be out here all alone, isn't it?" Came a man's voice from within. I ducked down to look into the car. He was pretty decent looking except that he was, well, OLD. Like.. late 30's old. Great. That's all I needed tonight. Some whacked-out perv picking me up.

"Nah, I'm alright," I said with a forced chuckle in my voice, clutching the strap of my backpack a bit tighter.

"C'mon, hop in," he invited. I raised a brow. To this he turned his head and smirked at me as though I was being quite ridiculous. "Geez. I'm offering you a ride, not asking you on a date. Don't worry. I won't bite. Promise."

Haha, very funny. If only he knew how saying that got me more suspicious. I shrugged though. What the hell. I was heading to the bus station but if this get's me a free ride.. I'll save some cash on what I felt was gonna be a long trip. "Fine." I replied with a carefree smile, taking a hold upon the handle and swinging the door open so that I could hop right inside. OH! Almost tripped there.. but I caught myself just in time. "Um. Thanks.. for this."

"It's no problem." He said, giving me that 'I'm the boy next door' innocent smile once the door was closed. I strapped myself in and we were on our way. We must've driven a couple of miles while exchanging words here and there -- but other than idle chatter it was quiet. Suddenly though, the car came to an abrupt halt.

My eyes peered over at him warily. It was weird because suddenly there was this shadow being cast over his face. "What's wrong?" I asked, the instincts inside me suddenly going wild like two cats tearing eachother up. Couldn't help it.. but I felt nervous. It made me push my hand toward my bag in which I gripped tightly onto the wooden stake that was hidden within the pocket. My little comfort blanket.

A chuckle came from the stranger in the dark shadows of his car, a chuckle that literally screams 'hey! I'm evil!'. I narrowed my brows when I watched him lean forward carefully, only to be met with a deformed face and glowing yellow eyes reflected with my dark browns. "Oh, nothing at all, honey." he hissed, his tongue lingering over his fangs that made my heart pump rapidly..

Holy shit. A vampire. What are the odds? I mean really?!


I tried to offer the most confident grin I could muster but I'm sure he could smell the fear come off me like rank perfume. Suddenly, like lightning, he leaned forward to take a nice bite out of my neck but my hand immediatly jot forward with the stake held within. My eyes snapped tightly shut and I winced my face away from him, feeling that moment the sharp point of the stake pressing against his chest and into the heart it went!

Next thing I knew after getting a disbelief look outta him I was alone, covered in dust. EW. VAMPDUST. Not.. dust.. like.. DEAD dust! I screamed and whimpered to wipe the crap off me and shuddered when I held the stake close to me. I'll never get used to this job..

At least one thing came of it. From the passenger side I slipped onto the driver's seat and ignited the engine again. It purred back to life and I was on the road again..

To where? I don't know. But I was driving!
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Safi Johnson
23 September 2004 @ 12:06 am
This was probably the hardest decision I ever came to decide.

I decided to just leave everything behind, that way they wouldn't notice my departure until I was long gone. I even made the choice on leaving Waffles with Connor -- silent hoping he'd remember me after all this and maybe possibly not be mad. I'm sure he'll understand after time, I know I do, this is just.. the best. I'm not much help to the group anyway.. the First didn't need to tell me that, not the greatest friend either no matter how hard I try, and with these feelings developing for Connor? How could Mr. Giles possibly think I can stay away from him?

I know I have to. And knowing me, I know I couldn't.. which is why I'm leaving. For good. Not trying to be self pity or anything, but I honestly think the only people who would notice is Connor and Lisette. Maybe Mr. Giles.. only because of the recent talk I had with him. I'll call them all later when I arrive home.. just to let them know I'm okay and probably do a buttload of apologizing.

I really.. really.. did not want to go. Something was telling me to stay. I chose to ignore this though, it was just my thoughts and feelings.. something I really couldn't have right now.

With forced determination I slipped out of my bedroom -- quietly -- praying I wouldn't run into anyone I know. Seems like not many were out so hey -- successful deal right here. Good. Now time for the hard part. I waited a little bit by the door and watched a handful of girls walk by me and few others.. and just right when no one was looking, I snuck out with nothing but the clothes on my back.

No one called after me.. or chased me.. so I think I finally did it.

You're doing the right thing, Safi -- the right thing. If it was right why did I feel so bad? Gah! Stop thinking. My sight finally settled to the darkness and I looked over at my surroundings. The streets were dark and it was even quiet.. deserted like a ghost town. I had to make my way quick to the pay-phone and pray that Mom and Dad are still in Los Angeles. I know if I asked they'd pick me up.. I just hope they're still here.

If not, I'll call Mr. Brown, I'm sure he'll understand after I explain the details. Watchers have the knack of.. understanding eachother, and if I told him the reasonings of my departure, all I'd have to do is wait at the airport for my flight.

I hope.

"You better know what you're doing, Safi.." I told myself out loud as I walked along the streets, my eyes snapping to each and every movement I could catch at the corner of my eye. Hell no was anything sneaking on me -- NO. I quickly rushed myself when I found the nearest pay-phone and I closed the door, feeling my heart thump loudly inside my chest. I couldn't help but remember about Marissa when she was out here.. NO, no bad thoughts! All this was doing was scaring me.. and if I kept acting like this, surely something bad would pick it up. Time to keep your cool, girlie.

Shakily with a lump trapped inside my throat, I pushed the quarters in and frantically dialed my parents' number. I listened to it ring on the other line.. again, and again.. and again. I know it's late but COME ON. Hello? Daughter here! "C'mon.. pick it up.. pick it up.."
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Safi Johnson
07 September 2004 @ 01:02 am
The room was still familiar, all famlilar, which was nice because I was about to lose my mind. I mean, so much has happen these last couple of days it's been absolutely INSANE. First the whole kiss.. which was nice might I add -- really nice -- then Buffy attacking Connor, then Lisette, then getting ACCUSED of sleeping around -- just, wow, attack the Safi day! Can this possibly get any worse?

Yes it can. I'm gonna get attacked for taking Wesley's scruffyness but I can't STAND it anymore -- it's so itchy! And, ew, this four o'clock shadow thing is just not working -- or is it five o'clock? GAH! I never remember! But I nabbed a shaver and some shaving cream.. lucky me.. and I took a deep breath when I stared at the mirror and began lathering up my face.

That's when the thoughts went roaming.

I kissed Connor -- well, Tamara's lips, but it was Connor. He kissed me! It was so unexpecting too.. and I think I was too dorkish or something. Whaddya expect? First kiss and I'm in a man's body! Guh. But, I'm feeling so different now. I have butterflies constantly not to mention his "promise" keeps repeating itself in my head. He's just so nice.. and he has a pretty smile. You just can't tell that he's a vampire..

Everytime I talk to him, I keep forgetting that. Vampire with a soul, but still a vampire. Of all the boys to crush on it's him. What am I going to do? Every sensible bone inside me is telling me this is wrong and dangerous.. but everything that's -- hmm, how to describe it -- err.. EVERYTHING else is telling me that this is just.. I don't know, nice? Because I don't see him as some bloodsucker, I see him as a normal boy.

Which he's not. What am I going to do if this relationship get's a little deeper than just a crush? DUH Safi, stop it before it does! This ain't some dramatic fairytale because GOD knows you don't want that! But.. I don't want it to stop.. I don't want to hurt him. Or hurt me -- and I don't mean the futurewise thing, I mean now.

This is so hard.

I know if anyone really finds out they'll just slap me. Lisette being one.. I still need to talk to her and find her because I don't know who else to turn to. I feel lost and empty. And.. really alone. I've been wanting to get with her since she came.. back.. no, don't think on THAT again Safi -- last time you did that you cried yourself to tears.

Tell my Mom and Dad? HUH. Surrrre. Hey Mom, y'know I'm training to kill vampires, right? WELL! I just kissed one! AND I HAD A PENIS ON TOP OF IT. Oh.. my.. GOD. They would FREAK out and tear me completely from this place -- which wouldn't be a bad idea if I thought of this weeks ago.

But I don't want to leave anymore.

And let's not get started on Mr. Brown -- he would not be down with this. At all.

I sighed, looking up to the mirror and seeing the shaving work I've done with all these thoughts pouring through me. WOAH. TALK ABOUT A POOR JOB SAFI -- I had nicks EVERYWHERE. I frantically took the toilet paper and dabbed the blood off, sticking little pieces on in each nick. Ow. Ow! Ow! Ow!

And I forgot the aftershave!

Guuuh. This so wasn't my night. I needed a drink.
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Safi Johnson
16 August 2004 @ 05:01 pm
I think I finally let go of my final tear because I was finally able to stand myself up on my two feet again. My sight was blurry though from crying so much.. and my cheeks were drenched. I probably looked horrible..

That was enough motivation for me to decide on taking a shower.. I could probably use the water to clean off this wound on my back since I couldn't exactly reach to it myself. I yanked the blouse off my form, the back torn from the pentrated blade and stained with red -- puh, I could probably take that stain off like I did with that towel. The memory made me smile, remembering how I first met Connor. I took the rest of my clothes off, unable to remove my thoughts.

Connor. Here I was trying to be cheerful girl again and his heart was breaking because of Cordelia.

A lot of people's hearts were breaking tonight.

I wish I could help everyone. I wish.. I could help him. Like I did before. Make him crack that smile because I made that much of a difference. But who am I to think that a smile could erase all that away? Who was I to think that a little cheerfulness would bring light into the darkness? I was dead wrong. Dead fuckin' wrong. Tonight made me realize that -- while I was trying to keep my own sanity people were dying and getting hurt all around me.

I'm stupid. No more. I was tired of being the cheerful girl. Not even I could see the light anymore. My heart was breaking. And Lisette? She was gone. That little bubblegum piece that could've been that tiny spark was gone now.

More than anything now, I wanted him dead. Fuckin' gone.. I don't give a shit that people have hopes on bringing the bastard back. He took away EVERYONE'S spark which is the worst possible thing anyone could do. I wanted that power that so many people have that gave them the ability to defeat him. I don't care if it was suicide mission.. I'd do it. Instead though? I'm a girl who couldn't keep control of her own feet, her own self. I was staring upon a cracked mirror in which I threw my bloodied rapier in my brief second of psychotic rage.

Shower... I need that shower.

I stepped into the shower and turned on the water to blistering hot, wincing as I felt the water cascade down my back like a thousand needles hitting the open wound on my back all at once. Since the adrenaline of the battle finally left me I could actually feel how sore I was -- bruised -- and this wound was far more painful then it felt out in the battlefield. The battlefield... oh my god. I never seen anything like what I saw out there. So much blood.. blood. My eyes trailed down to the water being collected toward drain, it's color clouded by a light hue of red from the blood that was being washed away from me. I think that's what did it.. I thought I let go all of it when I was out there but I was wrong. My forehead pressed tightly against the tile wall when the emotions began pouring back to me, causing me to break down into tears again. I began to hysterically yank on my drenched locks, crumbling back down to my knees while I wept.
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Safi Johnson
10 August 2004 @ 12:53 pm
Even though the party was interuppted I had a total blast! Everyone there is so sweet.. I had no idea how many nice girls we had. Quite honestly, I thought they were all sucked up into their worlds like I was.. but they all seem so down to earth. Well -- a little. Some of them attacked that Wesley dude like a bunch of rabid dogs in heat. I guess whatever floats your boat? Don't know.. he's too scruffy for my taste. Not to mention old.

I even scored a piece of gum though! Mwah! I win.

Luckily I was able to nab that pink frilly towel so I could make my way to my room without showing my dorky underwear in all it's glory. It was nice to get finally dry off and get into my pajamas.. didn't bother much with the hair though -- that's what CLAWS are made for!

I smacked on the gummy sweetness in my mouth as I got my bed all nice and ready for some more sleeping goodness when oddly my mind rushed back to that boy. Argh. I was wondering what happened to him.. haven't seen his face since well, the kitchen. I wondered if things worked well for him? More than likely did.. but.. it doesn't hurt to check.

All these wandering thoughts made me cling into my bear. I still feel so bad.. maybe I should go apologize also.

With a deep breath I poked my head out in the hallway with Waffles still at hand, checking up to see if anyone was wandering about which was a negative. Huh.. on my way to Lisette's room I remembered seeing Cordelia at the corner of my eye going into a room. I wonder.. could that be it?

Wow, do I sound like a stalker. Cool!

I tip-toed my way where supposely I thought I saw Cordelia.. hehe, this feels like something I'm not supposed to be doing. Made me a little giggly in a way. If Cordelia answers I could easily say I got the wrong door.. or something.. since every door looks the same around here.

Pressing my head against the door I lightly knocked, whispering out.. "Hey? Hello? Anyone in there?"
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Safi Johnson
07 August 2004 @ 10:27 am
The first time since I've came here I've finally was able to experience some peace and quiet. For once, not even a word could I hear going on outside. All I could hear was the soft tunes going on with my Evanescence CD as I finally settled the last piece of clothing that I had to my name. Wasn't really able to pack much.. I'm not too upset though. It'll only be a matter of time that the sun will come out and we can finally do some shopping for ourselves. At least then maybe we won't be trapped here like a bunch of caged animals.. vampires and sunlight just don't mix last I heard.

Vampires.. brought my thoughts back upon the boy in the kitchen. Okay.. maybe not a boy, but close enough. He really didn't seem that much different from a normal person minus the whole consuming of blood BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT. Here I was learning my entire life that vampires are bad. Vampires eat people. Vampires are NOT good -- there's no grey area. I heard stories about the vampire with the soul called "Angel" but Mr. Brown never really got into the details about that.. and pretty much I thought it was bogus. I just couldn't understand there being good vampires out there..

Then Connor appeared. God.. he seemed more lost and scared than I was -- like a real human. I felt so bad laying on the first impression that I did when I first saw him.. especially after all he's been through. But.. can't really blame me, right? I just saw The First appear to us with the same exact face so how could I have known? And the vampire ordeal.. can't assume EVERY vampire that comes along has a soul dangling with them -- that's the easiest and quickest way to get your blood sucked out. If it wasn't for his paleness he'd probably look human and alive. Normally vampires has this empty glaze in their eyes that you just know they're gone.. but he had that glimmer. That glimmer that told me something soulful rested in there.

I pray I was right and I'm not sitting here trying to be all poetic. I couldn't live if I sent Cordelia to her..

No. I take that back. I know I'm right.

Hopefully the people who are in charge here understand.. not really sure on how these people deal and know which vampire is good and which isn't. I'll know soon though. I did tell him to say goodbye if he isn't gonna stick around.. HA. Oh man. Three months ago I would've laughed at myself for trusting a vampire to keep his word -- can't understand what changed, really. HEY. Maybe I'm growing a little, heaven forbid! Wait.. I'm growing up because I'm trusting a vampire? Uhh.. that doesn't sound right.

I shook my head. Well, if he is gonna stick around, maybe he'll say 'hi' to me sometime because damn it -- I did cut him the job of finding Cordelia himself. And.. we DID have a pretty pleasant conversation through the whole 'this is weird' vibe.

And here I thought my life was strange before I came here.
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