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Safi Johnson
01 August 2004 @ 08:57 pm
I got my rest. Oh yeah, I'm ready to take on the world, damn it! I found myself a cozy little area in the hotel that had just the right amount room for what I was gonna do. I'm gonna make Mr. Brown proud -- I'm gonna make Mr. Gills proud -- I'm gonna make that Wes dude proud! Watch out, everyone!

I walked over to my mini-stereo and put in my most favorite CD in the world -- Paula Abdul's "Shut Up And Dance" remix CD. Heck yeah. Once I felt that 80s beat in "Straight Up" I could feel myself getting pumped already. Honestly there isn't anything better to get me all wired and ready. I even ordered pizza so that I had something to nibble afterwards -- the ACNE special: pepperoni and mushrooms!

The 80s just owned. I swear I was born in the wrong timeframe.

My finger turned the sound to blasting, somewhat hoping maybe someone would join me for this workout session. I was definately slacking.. too busy on worrying over stupid stuff.

I stretched myself as how Mr. Brown taught me and breathed in, beginning my kata warm-ups.

So I slipped a few times -- I got right back on my feet!
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Safi Johnson
28 July 2004 @ 04:21 pm
I'm prepping myself for Kennedy's training sessions.. which I've been failing miserably in might I add. I just can't do it without messing up one way or another.. y'see this? I got this BIG bump on my head because I thought it would be fun to hit myself in the face! YAY. GO YOU SAFI. Whatever higher power up there that decided I'd be a good potential/Slayer is nuts -- they must be smokin' something up there. When my Dad found out about the whole thing.. he laughed.

This isn't easy. I'm trying really, really hard and I'm beyond fustrated. I'm just not cut out for this job -- for this pressure. I don't know how the other girls do it. I mean.. I train like everyone else! HELL, Mr. Brown RODE me until I couldn't train anymore and I still haven't gotten any better. What the hell is wrong with me?

.. they have no idea who they picked up to join this version of chess that's The Adams Family. I'm gonna make a fool of myself compared to everyone else.

"Instead of whining you should do things to make better of yourself, Safi." That's what Mr. Brown told me -- same bastard who gave up on me. So to SPITE him.. I'm gonna whine! I have a reason.. this bump hurts.

All right, all right. Down low on the immaturity, Safi -- just a small notch. I'm just seriously trying to look for the good in this whole mess which is kinda hard when we don't even have sunlight. Yeah, no sunlight.. I'm surprised people here aren't slugs because I'm beginning to feel like one with this 24/7 gloomy darkness. It's depressing. I feel like I'm going to lose my mind.

Collapsing on the bed I held on tightly to Waffles, the only thing that's been giving me some sort of comfort lately. Seems like everyone has chosen their circles and me, being the lovely late show upper that I am, isn't in one. But hey! Maybe there's some light.. you can only go so much down before you get back up, right? Things will perk up.. I hope. Although it does get kind of lonely without having anyone to talk to..

"Send me an angel?" I voiced out loud.

But to make things clear, not Angelus.
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Safi Johnson
20 July 2004 @ 02:50 am
"If there's anything you need we shall do our best to accommodate you. Welcome to the team, Safi."

I'm sure you will.

After that I turned from Giles to Wesley and offered a faint smile. "No worries 'bout me. I'm a big girl.. I can handle myself," I said, mainly in mention about him 'introducing' me to anyone. Sure I haven't been much of a social butterfly since Mr. Brown took me in, but I was positive I could handle myself here. To learn how to swim you gotta jump in the water, right?

I moved myself away and began my hunt in search of 'the room' for myself. This room was gonna be my sanctuary.. I even packed a few things to give it a 'Safi touch'! My steps were kept slow though.. I'd hate to trip over myself and make a lame impression to anyone around me. First impressions are the biggest and I didn't want to screw it up before I even settled here. Besides, they'd see me in all my glory once the training starts -- ugh, not looking forward to that.

Being careful in my choosing I finally found the room I wanted -- I didn't even bother to stop when a girl gave me a curious look. Introductions later. Right now? I was tired and I felt kinda out of place. It's like when you sleep over a friend's house the first time and you feel somewhat off.. the change of scene. Like this place just doesn't belong to you. I'm a girl who likes familiarity.

Speaking of that -- I reached down and pulled out my stuffed bear from my bag, Waffles, and sat him down upon my pillow. Childish? Yeah I'll admit it. But when I left home the first time I couldn't leave without him.. I had this thing since I was in diapers. Gives me a sense of comfort, I guess. I would trade Waffles for my cats though.. man, I miss my babies.

Ooh look! A scenery! I stumbled myself over to the window, almost tripping, and gazed dreamily outside. L.A. definately has it's own beauty.. especially at night. Can't even imagine how many lovers and dreamers are out there right now.. and my mom. She's out there too. I wondered if she was thinking of me right now like I was thinking of her.. probably making a midnight snack for daddy. He always loved his milk and sandwiches late.

Food. Ugh. I haven't eaten since Mr. Brown broke the news to me. Maybe it was about time to make my appearance.

Slowly again, I headed back downstairs in attempts to find the kitchen. Let my nose lead the way and lemme tell you -- it works! It wasn't long until I was finally in a room that looked like one.

"Let's see where Mr. Gills and everyone hides their goodies.."
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