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07 August 2004 @ 10:27 am
The first time since I've came here I've finally was able to experience some peace and quiet. For once, not even a word could I hear going on outside. All I could hear was the soft tunes going on with my Evanescence CD as I finally settled the last piece of clothing that I had to my name. Wasn't really able to pack much.. I'm not too upset though. It'll only be a matter of time that the sun will come out and we can finally do some shopping for ourselves. At least then maybe we won't be trapped here like a bunch of caged animals.. vampires and sunlight just don't mix last I heard.

Vampires.. brought my thoughts back upon the boy in the kitchen. Okay.. maybe not a boy, but close enough. He really didn't seem that much different from a normal person minus the whole consuming of blood BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT. Here I was learning my entire life that vampires are bad. Vampires eat people. Vampires are NOT good -- there's no grey area. I heard stories about the vampire with the soul called "Angel" but Mr. Brown never really got into the details about that.. and pretty much I thought it was bogus. I just couldn't understand there being good vampires out there..

Then Connor appeared. God.. he seemed more lost and scared than I was -- like a real human. I felt so bad laying on the first impression that I did when I first saw him.. especially after all he's been through. But.. can't really blame me, right? I just saw The First appear to us with the same exact face so how could I have known? And the vampire ordeal.. can't assume EVERY vampire that comes along has a soul dangling with them -- that's the easiest and quickest way to get your blood sucked out. If it wasn't for his paleness he'd probably look human and alive. Normally vampires has this empty glaze in their eyes that you just know they're gone.. but he had that glimmer. That glimmer that told me something soulful rested in there.

I pray I was right and I'm not sitting here trying to be all poetic. I couldn't live if I sent Cordelia to her..

No. I take that back. I know I'm right.

Hopefully the people who are in charge here understand.. not really sure on how these people deal and know which vampire is good and which isn't. I'll know soon though. I did tell him to say goodbye if he isn't gonna stick around.. HA. Oh man. Three months ago I would've laughed at myself for trusting a vampire to keep his word -- can't understand what changed, really. HEY. Maybe I'm growing a little, heaven forbid! Wait.. I'm growing up because I'm trusting a vampire? Uhh.. that doesn't sound right.

I shook my head. Well, if he is gonna stick around, maybe he'll say 'hi' to me sometime because damn it -- I did cut him the job of finding Cordelia himself. And.. we DID have a pretty pleasant conversation through the whole 'this is weird' vibe.

And here I thought my life was strange before I came here.
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